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Number of players: 2-5

Time to play: 35mins 

Designer: Klaus Jurgen-Wrede

Publisher: Z-Man Games

What we say: The classic tile laying game and the game which brought us Meeples (a type of playing piece, shaped like a person and common in modern board games). On your turn you play a tile (which has part of a landscape printed on it) and place a meeple on that tile (if you wish). Players score points for any roads, cities or monasteries that are completed and have their meeple on it.

For more strategic depth you can introduce an advanced option which allows players to place their meeples as farmers - this was originally one of the core rules but has now been made an optional advanced rule to make the game easier to teach. This is the most recent (2015) edition and also includes the mini-expansions "The River" and "The Abbot".

This is one of the games we use to introduce new people to modern boardgaming.


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