We have restarted Games Nights and Markets!


Games Nights at the Rabbit Hole

We are host Games Nights at the The Rabbit Hole pub (SW16 5NJ) on Greyhound Lane.

We are there the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month except for December when we will only do the 1st Tuesday.

The games night runs from 7.30pm until 10.30pm. It costs £5 per person which includes as many plays of as many different games as you like. The games are what we term ‘modern board games’ (even though many don’t have a board!). This includes games such as Ticket to Ride, Catan, Pandemic, Carcassonne, Love Letter and Codenames. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of these games, many are simple to learn and we supply and teach the games.



We are at the Streatham Village Market (by the Manor Arms pub) on Saturday 4th November 2023 and Saturday 2nd December 2023.




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Games Nights at home

If you would like to have your own Games Night (or afternoon) with family and friends to try out new games, we will be happy to host one for you and recommend games for your group. Games nights are a unique way to enjoy a great night in, or celebrate a birthday by playing some interesting, fun or challenging new games and having all the rules and setting up done by us. You may like to try some ‘themed’ games (Western night/spy night) or games that suit your group such as playing cooperatively rather than competitively.

Games Night’s are suitable for between 4 and 10 people from ages 8+. Where there are 6 or more players we recommend allowing around 3 hours and breaking into two groups for a ‘main’ game each (which can be different or the same) and then everyone coming together for a social or ‘party’ game.

Costs are as follows:
2-3 hours Games Night for up to 10 people: £60 (2 Vale Games hosts).

For longer session times or larger groups than 10, please discuss your needs with us.